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Winner winner chicken dinner!

November 7, 2012

But before I get to the lucky magazine winner,  I want to thank you all for leaving some pretty awesome jokes and funny stories in your comments! I’ve been giggling, and laying your doozies and groaners on my kids and hubby for the past two days. Ha! I seriously don’t think his eyes could roll any further to the back of his head, and for this alone, You all rock!

Ok drumroll please…….

And the winner is Prima Donna who said:

Congrats Miss Prima Donna!! Check your email(s) for one from me!

Since there were so many great jokes in Mondays comment stream, I decided to turn some of my favourites into those Someecards  we’ve all come to love.  Enjoy!

There’s even one for the Germans!

Happy Sewing everyone!


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