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Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Blog tour coming soon!

April 17, 2012

Yes my dearies, it’s that time of year again, when lucky designers across the globe get to blog about their blocks in the latest issue of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks. We’re up to Volume 5, and even though it’s going to be blurry as all get out, see if you can read that first name listed on the left under From today’s top designers:

* think I’m going to die from excitement*

Or from embarrassment as it is blurry and well, could very well say “Seangea Cattagham” But I’m keeping my hopes high! And for those of you eagle-eyed readers, see if you can spot my block up there on the cover. *hehe*

Oh right, my day is day one, so mark your calendars for April 30th! And be sure to pop back over here to read about my happy little block.

Hmm.. I’m going to be in Calgary that day – let’s hope this automatic post thingy actually works for me for once!

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  1. April 17, 2012 2:09 pm

    Crossing my fingers for you!!!

  2. April 17, 2012 4:31 pm

    I’m thinking Matryoshkas? Your name is definitely first and mine is always last ;o) Congrats! I’m still trying to get my hands on the dress pattern… Is the Great Snail Race available as a pattern anywhere yet? Hugs, L

  3. April 18, 2012 12:48 am

    Very exciting well done!

  4. Judy Jewell permalink
    April 30, 2012 12:58 pm

    I love to paperpiece and am really looking forward to making your nesting dolls block!

  5. Veta Mutart permalink
    April 30, 2012 1:47 pm

    I really liked your pieced Russian dolls. Very cute

  6. Sandy permalink
    May 1, 2012 11:30 am

    I Love your Russian Nesting Dolls PP Quilt Block! I love your use of Glad Press N Seal and will be looking to buy some. That is so neat! I love your designs in general..I am so excited about the Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Blog Tour.

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