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My Secret Obsession

June 12, 2011

Thank-you Very Kerry Berry, I’m about to become “that” nutbar in the mind of the internet.

You know, when someone you’ve gotten to know and maybe actually get along with suddenly reveals something completely unexpected about themselves which sends your brain to a screeching halt and suddenly your friendship seems tainted with their weirdness? And maybe it only stuns you for a second and you get over it, but other times it becomes the only thing you see when you’re hanging out with them, and dude it’s so over?

Yeah. tell me again why I decided to join in this fun little internet meme?

So please forgive me my weirdness dear readers, as I know my obsession can be the ultimate can o’ worms opener. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…it’s not too late to click outta here… Why can’t I just have a simple clothes peg and flip flop obsession like regular women?


I actually asked the hubby “If you can’t count sewing and fabric related items and activities, would you say I’m obsessed over anything?” His response, complete with nonplussed blank stare, was “Have you seen the vitamin cupboard lately?”

Ooooh that’s right. I grabbed my camera and snagged this shot on my way downstairs..

Complete with the pair of hacky coughersons  in the background playing Wii from the couch in the ugly, albeit aptly colored hospital- green room we still need to paint.

I decided I needed to use the piano bench to really see the full extent of this so-called “vitamin and natural health” obsession my hubby seems to think I have..

Ok, no we don’t take all of it all the time. But you could say I’m ready for just about any health condition someone in the house may develop.

I dunno, are we supposed to explain our obsessions? Or are we supposed to just put them out there then run in the opposite direction with our hands over our ears yelling “lalalalala I can’t hear you!” ?

I guess if you’re still reading you want to experience the full extent of this train wreck – good grief that really is a lot of supplements isn’t it?

I found some more healthy things lurking in my fridge..

When I was in high school, I somehow decided that I wanted to become a Naturopathic Doctor, and my amazing great Aunt bought me all the required reading textbooks for entry into some of the nearest colleges. I read them all. The humongous Vitamin and Supplement Excyclopedia, one on Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, Herbology, Ayurvedic medicine, Energy and Vibrational Healing, Michael Reed Gagh’s complete guide to Acupressure… oh the list goes on.

Fast forward to my mid twenties. I didn’t go to Bastyr University, but spent several semesters at SFU working on my BSc. and … well partying and drinking my health away. *eye roll*

One morning I woke up and couldn’t look down at my feet. Heck I couldn’t do anything without this awful searing pain through my entire body. The doctor said Fibromyalgia.

I said “I was healthy once, I will be healthy again”  There was no way I was going to live my whole life like that! I knew the conventional route wasn’t going to help me – I was/am allergic to virtually every man-made medicine I’d ever tried. I even showed signs of the anaphalactic penicillin allergy which runs in the family. I couldn’t even tolerate the pain killers the he prescribed.

Nope. I put all that reading to practical use and changed . every . thing . I figured it was the combined way I was living my life which gave me this condition, so I should tackle it from all avenues. No more smoky bars, alcohol, needy “friends”, sleep deprivation, fast food, and prepackaged anything. I went all organic, cooked from scratch, put filters on everything, did every cleanse known to man, replaced all household and personal care products with natural alternatives, took up yoga twice a day,  and I swear I was taking something like 50 vitamin / supplement pills a day.

It took me about a year. But I did it. No more pain, no more fibromyalgia.

Falling in love with Vince helped tremendously – I won’t lie *grin* And I’ve since had 2 healthy pregnancies and only one relapse which lasted 3 days. I went for a FAR Infrared sauna session and that was the end of it.

So yeah. You could say I have a natural health obsession. Vince calls me “healthier than thou” and has ensured the children are raised properly on MacDonalds, antibiotics, and children’s advil when the fever gets bad enough. At least it’s the non-dye stuff and usually 1/2 the listed dose does the trick.

And yes, it drives me nuts when my kids bring home the latest disease from that breeding cesspool of ick they like to call school. Don’t even get me started when they brought home the notice informing parents that hoof and mouth disease was making the rounds. Hoof and mouth? Oh sweetbabyjesus it took everything I had to send them back every morning.

Ok. I’ll stop now, even though this really is only the tip of the iceberg…. I wonder if anyone is even still reading?

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  1. June 12, 2011 1:53 pm

    Okay if this is obessive, then I’m a flaming nut case–I think I have about five times what you have. 😉

  2. June 12, 2011 7:44 pm

    Ah, that’s too funny! You at least have good reason to be so health conscious! It worked. 🙂

  3. Kat permalink
    June 12, 2011 8:50 pm

    Too funny! Whatever keeps you healthy, must be working, as you have so much amazingly positive energy! Keep it up!

  4. ina permalink
    June 12, 2011 8:57 pm

    okay, first of all, the wild college scene was survived without any permanent brain damage so I tip my hat to you! secondly, ‘holier than thou’ sounds like a cute nickname to me! ;0 thirdly, i have fibromyalgia and i have personally found that two things are necessary for me on a daily basis or i feel like heck: exercise and 9 hours of sleep! fourthly, HOOF AND MOUTH disease??!! That is so odd you really, really have to laugh! ;0

    thanks for the fun rant….i enjoyed the journey.

  5. anna permalink
    June 12, 2011 10:19 pm

    Well… You truly are a bit of a crack pot:) Welcome to my world.
    By the way, where did you find a Infrared sauna in Vancouver? I’ve been hunting desperately for one.

  6. June 12, 2011 10:31 pm

    Oh I love you guys!! I have the best readers ever *HUGS* So good to know I’m not the only crazy alternative health nut out there 🙂

    Anna, there are several kicking around the lower mainland these days. The only one off the top of my head is at the vitamin store here in Steveston on #1 Road.

    Here are some more I found:

  7. June 13, 2011 2:28 am

    i completely understand – i have a rubbermaid style container on top of my fridge completely full of vitamins and medications – and that’s not even including the two milk glass bowls sitting on my counter with my daily meds!

    it’s really awesome to hear how lifestyle changes helped you so much. fibro is such a weird illness – everyone is affected so differently, and different things help different people, and everyone around you seems to have an opinion or some fake cure that they’re sure will fix you! i started making lifestyle changes even before my diagnosis, and much more after. that helped a lot under normal circumstances, and though i wasn’t entirely pain free, i was totally able to function, work, socialize, volunteer, etc and i didn’t realize how lucky i was.

    since my car accident the fibro has gotten progressively worse no matter what i do or try. i have friends who flare so rarely that they can’t remember how to handle them – i flare if i do the slightest thing! (i’ll be recovering from today’s sew-in for days) i keep threatening to move to a drier climate, but i don’t want to leave Vancouver!

  8. deb permalink
    June 13, 2011 5:20 am

    First I’d like to say, I really like the little creature that stands by my post! Makes me laugh every time.
    OH OUR GOODNESS! I was treated for tick bourne illnesses…Lyme, etc. for 3 years after going to a Dr. for 5 years that wouldn’t treat me. My new Doc is an osteopath, so he goes both ways, so to speak…hmmmm. Anyway, he gave me a list of stuff I might want to try to help my body recover and not succumb to other problems related to mega doses of oral antibiotics. At times my antibiotics were costing me nearly $200 a month, and that was with insuranace. BUT my supplements could run even higher. I’ve been off of most every thing since last March, but will soon be going back on…more tick bites, ARGH.
    I’m with you on the over the counter normal meds. I’ve not taken anything but Zycam for colds since it came out. For a few years before that I took some other zinc product, but had to stop. They started putting echenacia (sp) in it, and I can’t take it either. No antihisthamines…heart palpitations and low blood preasure. I have to carry an epipen for my sevier seafood (don’t even breath it on me!) and wasp allergies.
    Life is very interesting these days….and I couldn’t do it without my suplements.
    blessings :o)

  9. judz permalink
    June 13, 2011 6:47 am

    howdy im interested in ur story.. but.. i couldnt take 50 tablet aday, i just wouldnt be able too swallow that many.. i have fibro.. apprnently.. nothing works so i prity m uch stoped everything except a couple things.. too help me sleep..and painklillers.. its winter here and im finding this yr.. although might not be colder than last feeling it.. bah.. im sick of waisting money on meds that not realy working much.. im insterested too hear more.. of ur story 🙂 cheers judz

  10. June 13, 2011 9:47 am

    Oh Amy *hugs* I didn’t realize you had Fibro. All of the changes and supplements I took I would say brought me back up to @ 60% after 9 months. Yoga twice a day (really gentle – I just breathed through the pain) made a huge difference as well. Then I found Nu-Life Symbiotics Colostrum. I took the highest dose on the bottle and bought a months supply. 6 caps 2x a day, with 2 big cups of water, empty stomach. 3 bottles = @ $150. After a month I was 99%.

    What also made a big difference for me was having all the mercury fillings removed, and going on a heavy metal cleanse. I had 13 fillings and several were leaking, I had something like 400x the “safe” level of mercury in my bloodstream. How anyone can think it’s a good idea to put a lethal neurotoxin into a person’s mouth completely baffles me. A quick you tube search for Calgary mercury video will show you exactly how quickly mercury destroys your nerve structures. It’s quite something to see.

    Amy, you are amazing. I was telling Vince last night about all the cool things you expertly sew. I told him if he sees an older Janome to snag it for me LOL!

    If you know what you’re looking for, then chances are really good that you’ll find it. Keep looking for your solution, try everything – you never know what might be the key 🙂

    Deb – that’s why I chose those funny aliens, i think they’re hilarious! Good luck with your journey!

  11. June 13, 2011 10:07 am

    Judz – maybe you could find out how many you can swallow? If you buy capsules, you can mix the powder into some strong tasting juice and gulp them down that way. Ask around for a recommendation for a good Naturopath in your area and follow his/her suggestions to the letter. When it comes to holistic healing they’re the well trained experts.

    There are great metabolic tests Naturopaths do these days that can see the levels of toxins in your system, the health of your blood, the nutrient deficiencies you might have. My guy does kinesiology testing to see which supplements are best for me. You can do it yourself. Just hold the bottle in the middle of your chest and ask yourself if you need it. if you start leaning forward then yes. Any other direction = no. There are Homeopaths to try, the Bach Flower remedies are amazing for any kind of emotional issue, there are a handful of Energy healers I could recommend. I’ve witnessed first hand what’s possible in that arena, and it still blows my mind 6 years later. has a quick nutritional typing test you can do which will help you pin point your ideal diet. I’ve researched every diet, fad or otherwise for years and his method makes the most sense in my mind. That and food combining. Protein and starch don’t mix. Veggies go with everything, Fruit always alone a good 20 mins before eating anything else.

    Another thing I’ve come to understand is that for probably 90% of all health issues, there was / is a strong emotional cause beneath it all. There was definitely one fueling my Fibro. I didn’t realize it then, but I can see it clearly now. That’s why falling in love with my hubby was a huge factor in my recovery 🙂

    Like to said to Amy, try everything. If what you’re doing now isn’t working, then stop that and try something else. Know what you want and keep looking for it! Good luck!

  12. June 16, 2011 10:23 am

    Oh my goodness! Good on you! We have a bottle of tylenol and a box of bandages in our home and a first aid kit in our camping stuff… I’m the kind of person that just suffers when sick but we are quite lucky and usually never sick beyond the common cold or stomach flu…

    I’m a believer that many illnesses can be alleviated by sleep, exercise & healthy foods. I’m one of those people that spend a lot of time looking at ingredient lists at the supermarket. (the shorter the list, the better… most of the time). I try to stick to basic raw/ fresh foods. I had a health problem too. After 5 years of suffering and steroid cream failures decided that it was time to try something new. I started getting more sleep which is very difficult for me being a creative night owl! I also cut out all my usual soaps, shampoos & laundry products. My soap is now all-natural Val’s soap which is awesome for my hair too! And I have recently started karate training again after a 10 year break! I feel so much better now!

    We used to have a lot more bottles in our cabinet but then I realized that most of it was expired. The thing is that we would only use 1 or 2 out of each bottle so it was a waste of money for us… SO how many of your bottles are past the expiry date?!?!

    Big Hugs to you and to Amy and her health as well. See you both tonight!

  13. June 16, 2011 2:43 pm

    Thank you – I haven’t been called a ‘regular woman’ in a while (I keep the real weirdness hidden well!) but yes, in comparison to this, I am!!! You are so funny xxx

  14. June 17, 2011 12:35 am

    Oh my goodness that really made me laugh! It may be unusual but it sounds like it works for you too! I work with small children (0-6) and these days foot and mouth seems to go round the nurseries regularly- it sounds worse than it is but v contagious. Ditto chicken pox and a load of others, sheer exposure over the years has toughened me up but I might have to visit your supplement shelves! Thankyou for taking the time to do this post, it really is a great secret obsession!

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