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The Gnomes Have Invaded…

July 11, 2010

It’s high time I returned to the continuing saga of The Great Gnome Invasion of 2010. (This is the start of a little poem I wrote to commemorate this historical event.)

All of a sudden there were gnomes…

Big ones and wee ones in red pointy hats,

Over hilltops and toadstools, running this way and that.

Photo courtesty of Calamity Kim. Measuring tape legs!

And just when you thought you’ve seen the last one

A hundred and fifty spring up and run.

photo courtesy of Calamity Kim. Her row 10 swap quilt! I'm so envious, it's just a whole bed of happiness right there!

Out from the forest and through the tall grass,

All you can see are the points of their hats

Photo courtesy of MonaW2008. Wow. Trees and gnomes, a fantastic ides!

Photo courtesy of Three Kitchen Fairies. Oh her tree is the perfect compliment for this wee one!

Photo courtesy of Calamity Kim. Striped socks and unicorns..the possibilities are endless!

Photo courtesy of Calamity Kim. Her sewn row for her quilt of gnomes Row 10 Swap.

Photo courtesy of Calamity Kim. Look at those socks! This is so cute!

Was that a grampa I saw, with pick axe and spade?

Don’t tell me that crater is the hole that he made!

Photo courtesy of Tia - Campfollower Bag Lady, this mini quilt she made as a gift for a friend depicting her and her hubby just knocks my socks off! Wow!

I turned on my heels to run to back to my home

Lest it become overrun with these gnomes!

Photo courtesy of Ashely Boccuti, Oh I adore the fabric choices!

Photo courtesy of Ashley Boccuti, who has joined a quilt swap and asked for her blocks to be all gnomes, I'm can't wait to see it!

I suddenly tripped and to my dismay,

Forty two mommas skipped past me in sway

Photo courtesy of Ashley Boccuti, of her friend Tiffany's very first sewing project ever!

With wee ones in baskets and hair up in buns,

You’d think they’d be slow but oh did they run!

To be continued…

2 Comments leave one →
  1. July 11, 2010 5:21 pm

    LOL This is such a fun post! I think you gnome patterns has tons of possibilities, great tut!!
    Thanks for including my gnome too!

  2. July 12, 2010 10:09 am

    Wowwowwow! so many AWESOME projects with your super cute gnome pattern! I especially LOVE Calamity Kim’s gnome and mushroom quilt!! so much amazingness!

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