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Never a dull moment

July 1, 2010

Nope, not around here…. EVER..

Even when somehow both the hubby and I are down for the count with a mild case of pneumonia. Yes, pneu for the love of pete monia. Don’t even ask me how that happened because I’d been taking serious anti-everything supplements (I’m talking 1/2 the ever loving health store) for like 2 months when the mild cold I’d heroically shrugged off weeks ago somehow defied my insane immunity and showed up as a slight cough. Nothing terrible, just occasionally annoying. Well fast forward 2 weeks and you’d think Tuberculosis had decended upon our house. SERIOUSLY.

So the other night, after I finally passed out either from sheer exhaustion from coughing, or lack of oxygen from the asthmatic wheezing my breathing has become, I was suddenly woken by the hubby’s incoherent mumblings. Oh he was completely engrossed with whoever it was he was talking to, quite emphatically making his point by hacking and waving his arms about. I rolled over and went back to sleep.

Come 7am and this time I’m woken up by his maniacal giggling. If you’ve ever heard him laugh you’d know what I mean…

Me: hun? *cough cough*

Him: Oh sorry, I was just laughing over my *cough cough* dreams

Me: *cough hack hack wheeze* ?

Him: Yeah, in the first one, Jack Nicholson was hooked up to life support and was on the brink of death. And then suddenly the machines stopped working – all the noise stopped, and poor Jack died. It was then I realized that you rolled over and stopped snoring. Your snoring was his life support! You killed Jack! Hahahahahahah*coughhackwheezehackcough* ahahah!!

Me: Lovely. I’ll be sure to send a letter of apology to his family. “Dear Nicholson family, please accept my most heartfelt apology for not snoring enough to power Jack’s life support systems…”

Him: *giggle cough cough* well in the second dream I was having a really good conversation with this unknown voice. I couldn’t see them, but we were deep in a great exchange of thoughts and ideas, oh it was great!  Anyway, *cough* just as I woke up I realized that the phlegm in the back of my throat was making this wheezing noise and that’s who I was talking to that whole time! My post nasal drip! HAHAHAHaahahAHAHAHAHaa *wheeze hack hack cough* ahahahahahahah! *cough*

Yep, despite being afflicted with what I can only imagine is the black lung, we still find time to amuse ourselves.

On the crafting note, more gnome spottings are coming, a baby quilt was completed, the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild had it’s first meeting, some embroidery happened, and 2 more birthday presents were sewn. At some point I’ll post about them I promise.  Until then, here are some teasers…

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  1. July 4, 2010 7:56 am

    Oh no! Sorry to hear that your family was hit with pneumonia! Hope you’re feeling all better asap!

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