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Life with the munchkins – Ode to Maya’s lunchbox

June 5, 2010

Oh lunchbox. Wherefore art thou? I dropped you off 2 days ago filled with my new lock and lock containers, you know the overly priced ones from Safeway? Right, and within the big container was a piping hot, yummy cheese and mushroom omlette, Maya’s favorite.  Oh yes, and you also held one of our good forks because the more forlorn, good for school forks were all in the wash. You were extra heavy because I added Maya’s favorite stainless steel waterbottle she’d forgotten in the morning.  Yeah, that one.

So for 2 days I’ve sent Maya’s lunch off in various other bags and makeshift containers, pleaded with my tupperware basket for a matching lid to our old plastic water bottles, and now I’m worried we’ll never see you again. I’m told that the omlette was ‘mostly’ eaten and that ‘some’ of the cherry tomatoes in the little container were left over.

Will we ever see you again? Will I want to? Will the better for the environment reusable and durable containers survive the moldy mess that’s assuredly festering within it’s airtight seal? Only time will tell…

So it did eventually find it’s way home. It was frightening.

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