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Back to the sewing machine.

September 9, 2009

Even though our fabulous new home is still in utter renovation – I haven’t had time to brush my hair never mind actually unpack anything – chaos, my little sewing hutch is now parked in the corner of the master bedroom right next to the lovely and sunlight filled patio door.

On my to-sew list:

– one overdue wedding gift,

– and five, no make that 4 Sew connected 2 blocks. God help me,  I am 4 months behind on my beloved flickr swap.

I finally dug deep into my still boxed up fabric stash to retrieve the package of  heartwarming fabrics sent to me by Amanda, who blogs at Sasikirana Handmade. Who incidentally, has just given birth to her second baby – a beautiful little boy! Ooh Congratulations Amanda!!

Here’s the block I made for her the other day.

Isn’t her embroidery just so perfect?

I love getting selvedges to play with!

I thought long and hard about how I wanted to incorporate my initals Amanda so thoughtfully included in the fabric package. She had requested an improvised block, something unplanned that comes together spontaneously. Ooh boy, for those who are familiar with my style, I have a hard time not planning. Really? No pattern? No mulling about layout and fabric for days, testing and thinking and testing again? Spontaneous sewing? *gulp*

Ok now look closely. This star is not perfect. It just so happens that our printer is not yet hooked up, so this star’s pattern was hand-drawn out of sheer desperation with the only ruler I could find. The long honking 20″ quilting rectangle. It turned out pretty well eh?  There. I was spontaneous.

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