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One more flower girl dress and hairstyles

July 5, 2009

I went shopping again yesterday to find a dress for Destiny, the older flower girl. She’s 11, and as I had a lovely ivory satin ankle length dress in my hand, I just kept thinking about how she will never wear it again.  Dest is a funky stylin’ girl who is not really the super fancy dress wearing type,  you know? I mean she’s almost a teenager. I really wanted to find something that she might actually wear again, and maybe even like.

So I put the dress on hold and looked at virtually every store in the mall. The gap had a purple sun dress that was a strong contender,

except for the fact that the bodice is pretty skimpy, and well she is only 11 and not 17.

And then I walked into the Lovely Girl store and found this gorgeous, fully lined funky sundress:

Yeah, Maya really was too hard pressed to pose nicely..

Keep in mind that Destiny is probably 2 feet taller than Maya, so the dress should fall around her knees.

I love the back:

This periwinkle blue happens to look fantastic with the ivory and orange of the bride and bridesmaids dresses. I hope she likes it!

We also played around with some hairstyles for the girls. Rumor has it that the bride will have some kind of french braided style. With that in mind, we perused this amazing website: Dream weaver braiding

Holy moses are those amazing or what?? Look at this page

So Maya has chosen this beautiful classic braid with accent twist combo:

I couldn’t find a bobby pin to save my life this morning, so the ends will be much neater on the day.

I think we’ll look for some wildflowers to put in her hair too. I’ll let Kira and Dest pick their own hairstyles too.

Oh, and the wedding dress is so nearly completed. Just fixing the skirt today and will hopefully have the whole thing done by tonight! Whoo hoo!

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  1. January 28, 2010 2:32 am

    Nice article, I’m glad I’ve found this post. I loved reading few of your articles during these last few minutes, and I guess I’m going to stay some more time here ;). I’ll get back often now 😉

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