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Wedding dress progress – Flower Girl Dresses!

June 18, 2009

Ok, the bridal shower post is delayed, in lieu of my great shopping success today 🙂

Let me begin by saying a humongous “THANK-YOU” to my 4 year old son Liam for being such a great shopper with me today. We cruised the mall for 2 hours and he was very persistent in asking everyone if they knew where the dresses were. And then he found us the elevator in the Bay. I’m so proud! (see, usually shopping with him involves crying, struggling, running away and hiding all in the first 2 minutes of entering the mall.)

Anyway, with the bridal silk and my bridesmaid dress in hand, I cruised literally every children’s store and department looking for 3 flower girl dresses in sizes 8, 10 and womens xtra small. Just finding matching dresses in those sizes I already thought was a feat in and of itself, but they had to also be good compliment for the ivory silk bride’s dress and rusty orange bridesmaid’s dresses.

Just when I thought it would never happen, I found this fully lined and completely charming summer dress:

Look at it with the bridal silk:

Gold foil on white ….. who’d’ve thunk?

Now look at the rest of the fabric pallette…

Is that gorgeous or is that gorgeous? That orange was the kicker. It’s a very interesting color which changes it’s undertone as you move to a different light. I actually had a soft, light apple green in hand which under the lights in the Bay looked just amazing with the rusty orange. But then when I held the combo under the lights in the mall, I found myself cringing as the red brown undertone turned to a coral pink undertone and looked just ick with that particular green.

Anyhoo, I found the other 2 sizes in a different mall and will pick those up on Saturday. I also bought Liam his snazzy wedding outfit:

And I also found my shoes for the wedding as well! Hrm. I suppose I should take a picture of them eh? Ok, maybe the next post I’ll show you my outfit. Oh did I forget to mention that I am a bridesmaid?

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