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The Wedding Dress Part 5

April 21, 2009

So things are trucking right along with this dress design.

I bought myself that hip french curve ruler thing:

and then sewed I think is draft 3, what would be the bodice liner, complete with one layer of thinsulite for a little bit of structure (since  the fabric store didn’t have any suitable foam liner to offer):

Not bad, not bad, it fits nicely and holds it’s own shape seemingly well. But…

Good gracious that’s low cut! Yep, turns out that any padded layer is going to effectively shrink your final piece. You’d think I’d know that being the quilter that I am. Even though double sided body tape and a well boned bustier will be used, this is just still too revealing.

And poor Analise nearly hyperventilated at the thought of dancing around with her cleavage all out there for all to see. She did remind me that there will be plenty of older folk in attendance and that something significantly more modest would make her happy.

So there you have it. Off to draft more coverage and to figure out how the heck I’m going to drape the silk in the way I want.

Oh, in the millisecond I had before Liam dissappeared under bolts of decorator fabric, I spied some striped silk in various shades of cream and green which might work underneath that cedar sash. You’ll have to imagine a strip about 4 stripes wide wrapping around the bodice:

But now that I’ve actually had a moment to look at them, I’m having second thoughts. Mom would choose one of the green shades where I was leaning heavily towards the cream and white version.

I don’t know. I’m just going to have to wait until I have the sash in my hands to audition fabrics with. I know Analise originally imagined herself in a seaweed and bark dress. Yes, she is a hippy LOL! But a really sweet and highly intelligent one, and since my brother effectively nixed that interesting idea, I keep thinking of how I might incorporate some seaweed-like fabric into this dress design. Maybe that’s what I should place under the cedar sash? Hrm, seaweed-green silk?

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