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The Wedding Dress part 4 – The Re-design

April 12, 2009

Well, all sorts of progress is happening on the dress!

Let me show you some pics of the second draft, the copy of the brown and white dress the bride currently owns…

This is my own pattern. (Although I did pretty much copy the dimensions of the brown dress.)

I have to say that I managed to recreate the bust gathers pretty well. I love how this looks!

Ah right. I guess some positive ease might come in handy… I think she might like to breathe on her wedding day…

Here it is with an unlined skirt attached:

She had a fitting on Friday and this fits her like a glove! Oh I’m so pleased we stuck through and made that second body form of her! It’s come in so handy throughout this process.

But… I’m not entirely happy with draft 2.

First, I keep thinking about this woven cedar bark sash that she will be wearing with the dress. It’s going to be a straight edged thing about 3-4″ wide. And I keep thinking that it will look weird with that curved inset – the piece that dips up into the bustline. I need that line to be straight to showcase that sash better.

Second, as tickled as I am that I created such neat gathers, it’s just too bulky I feel for my rather well endowed bride. She already has great curves, I don’t need to add anything on top of them.

And finally, she’s a swimmer and has these beautiful strong, slender, but squared shoulders. Having the neckline going straight across will only make her look wider and too square.

Nope. We need to soften up that neckline, and form-fit the bust area all the while creating a nice backdrop and frame for that sash. She’s going to send me some pictures of some sashes so I can show you what we’re talking about.

Here’s my initial concept:

And then I found this picture that convinced me to try to overlap the front pieces:

Is that not gorgeous or what? The bride is totally on board with the new concept too.

Except I’m completely out of fabric now, and need to replenish on Tuesday. So I’m cutting into the skirt of draft 2 to hash out draft 3….

to be continued… 😀

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  1. Pamela S. permalink
    April 12, 2009 5:57 am

    Sonja your sketches look great! This is going to be a fabulous dress, I can’t wait to see the final result.

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