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The Bushfire Quilt Project

February 15, 2009

Tia – Campfollower Bag Lady – has generously organized a wonderful effort to donate handmade quilts to the survivors of the bush fire raging through southern Australia.  It’s called The Bushfire Quilt Project and it’s hosted at flicker here.  

They’re asking for 12.5″ wonky stars on a light background, to be mailed to Tia in Australia by the end of March. You can find all the information, including really clear photo tutorials at the flickr group FAQ’s thread in the discussions area.

I really wanted to donate a whole quilt top, but my time is so limited as I have so many pressing projects going on! I decided to forgo the stars in lieu of a group of gorgeous rugged men! *giggle*

Can’t you just see some good natured woman (or guy) giggling as they snuggle up at night with their “Men”? I’ve found that during times of crisis, a good laugh goes a long way to lighten everyones hearts, if only for a moment.

Here’s my little label I wrote on the front bottom corner of the top:

It measures 52″ x 72″, just shy of a twin duvet size, due to a teeny cutting error – oops.  I bordered the panel out in some nice grey blue, made enough black binding and packaged it all up with some thread to be sent off to Australia tomorrow.

My thoughts go out to all the survivors of this terrible terrible fire, and I hope my quilt top will help someone get through their day a little easier.

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  1. February 17, 2009 9:48 am

    Great idea Sonja! My boyfriend saw these fabrics at a Minnesota Quilt Shop, and he wants me to make him a pillowcase out of the “girly” version of it. I said fine, but then I get a pillowcase out of this fabric to match!

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