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Oh Liberty how do I love thee!

February 5, 2009

Oh. My. Word.

Look at this fabric!

This stuff is so breathtaking that I’m posting the humongous picture even if it doesn’t fit on my blog! I don’t care, it’s just so darn gorgeous!

And I had no idea this line even existed until Katy  mentioned it in the Sew Connected 2 swap. (John’s  enormously excellent idea btw! It’s so popular that I believe a Sew Connected 4 is in the works!)

That was the extra fabric she sent to me as a little gift, along with her fabrics and a beautiful, lined linen drawstring bag for her turn in the block swap.

Wanna see what I made with it?

Introducing Pick – a – Peck – of – Pinwheels:


This baby measures in at 12.5″ x 12.5″ , contains a whopping 136 pieces, and features 3 kinds of lovely heavyweight linen, and of course the beautiful Liberty fabrics. It’s an original pattern which I think I might add to my free pattern listing shortly.



Sigh, it was just heavenly making this block. There is definitely something to be said about a good quality linen. The hand is substantial, yet drapes so elegantly. And the texture! Oh I’m a sucker for texture!

Can’t forget the requisite shot of the backside!


Yes is paper pieced. I tried valiantly to piece it traditionally, I did honestly! But fer pete’s sake how the heck do you people do it and have all your seams behave? Admittedly, after failing miserably to produce four points that came even remotely in the same time zone with each other, I resorted to my beloved paper piecing method. My trusty road map that only requires one to sew on the line.

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  1. February 6, 2009 8:39 am

    OK, I can’t avoid quoting Katy: “Gasp!” Love your pinwheeeeels! Isn’t she the most generous Liberty-sharing person?? Honestly, I’d keep it all to myself and not share. Very pretty! Of course, I’m adoring the snail and daffodil block–gives a winter-bound person some hope. 🙂

  2. February 6, 2009 6:35 pm

    Lovely, as usual!

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