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Where did the week go?

November 7, 2008

Is it Friday already? Wow, what the heck have I been doing this week?

All I know is I’ve gone a whole week without sewing a thing. This is not good. I’m having withdrawl symptoms… must…sew…something!

Well at least Maya got some sewing done..

So cute with her head resting against the machine! She made herself a tulip shaped hat, which has disappeared somewhere so I can’t show you. It turned out pretty well though!

Lots of other creative stuff still happening over there at least. I’m having another original paper pieced pattern tested by the lovely Kim from Calamity Kim.

(If you are ever interested in being a pattern tester, please let me know and leave a contact email addy),

I’m also busy designing a new series of cute, cute patterns. The Mr. Gnome goes on Vaction patterns are also in the works, and my sweet, darling hubby just bought me a beautiful new Toshiba laptop with a truckload more ram and some lovely updated photo editing software. Hello Corel Photopaint 2x and Photoshop! Oh my, I am in heaven!

I’ve been sitting here for the past 2 days doing nothing but editing some of my most recent photos. Some from my Aunt’s birthday, and some of my son, taken about a month ago when that big ball of really bright light shone in the sky. What was that thing called again? Oh right, that would be the SUN, which has yet to make an appearance this month.

On to the photos!


Oh! And Maya lost both of her front teeth last week! Eeeew!


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  1. November 7, 2008 2:44 am

    Hi Sonja,

    It’s lovely to hear from you – thanks for visiting.

    Maya IS so very cute at the sewing machine! 🙂 Great job on the photos. I enjoyed them!

  2. November 7, 2008 7:26 am

    Great job on the photos! Maya resting her head against the sewing machine is wonderful and I can’t wait to see the patterns you come up with next!

  3. November 7, 2008 8:39 pm

    So how much is the Tooth Fairy giving out for teeth these days? I am so out of the link!

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