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The Missus found his passport in his sock drawer..

September 24, 2008

and Mister Gnome is already off on a whirlwind adventure!

Thanks so much for the amazing ideas you posted to his original thread! It was ridiculously hard to only choose 6 so I chose 7!  I’m floored at the great suggestions and I can easily foresee several more designs to come in the future….

Until then, Mister Gnome’s itinerary  (as planned out by his daughters Gnomeling and Gnomlette )

First stop – The tropical rainforest to hang with the monkeys.

Next, Yellowstone National Park to stomp around with the buffalo.

Then it’s off to Europe, to see Stonehenge and maybe pick up some souvenirs for the family.

Gnomlette secretly hopes that he’ll be bought by an astronaut and hitch a ride to the moon.

But maybe they’ll drop him out the window as they’re floating back to earth and Mister Gnome finds himself swimming with the penguins in Antartica.

Gnomeling thinks that suddenly a mermaid will steal him away and takes him to the long lost city of Atlantis!

How is he ever going to get home?

Congratulations to the winners of this little contest, who will receive all 7 Mister Gnome Goes on Vacation patterns AND the original Mister Gnome pattern for free!

Thanks to:

Heide – The tropical Rain Forest / monkey idea

Audrey – The Yellowstone / buffalo idea

Ubermensch – The moon idea

Ducky – The Stonehenge idea

Bethie – The London gift shop idea

John – For Antartica and Atlantis

Guess I better get designing!

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  1. September 24, 2008 11:40 am

    Woohoot! I am so excited and I love the other ideas. I can see a cute quilt in the future, “Mister Gnomes Adventures”. Awesome!


  1. They call him “Mister Gnome” « Artisania

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