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The Essence of Organic Gardening

August 23, 2008

Yes, I can see how this title directly ties in with quilting, embroidery and sewing…???

Well ok, I confess, I dabble a little in graphic design and photography too.

A few months ago my Mom asked me to design the cover for her new upcoming book. She attached some pictures of dead leaves and asked me if I would use it. I would have loved to show you, but I think in my complete horror, I must have erased them off my system. Oh! I just found this picture, which is similar to give you an idea:

“Oh god no. No way, not in a million years!” I replied. “But the essence of organic gardening revolves around the natural compost, and decay of the plant’s litter!” She insisted, and much to my dismay I had to admit that I suppose she had a point. And well, she is the author of the book after all, perhaps she should have some say over what goes on the cover. But dead leaves? How utterly boring is that? I told her that I was still absolutely not using that photo in the design, but would figure something out to do with dead leaves.

After throwing a few ideas her way she wondered about using a leaf skeleton?

AHA! Now we’re on to something! A simple scan or straight shot required too much work to make it look right, but I did have an absolutely gorgeous layout of something similiar in my files. And after a couple of days of muddling about I came out with this:

And boy am I pleased!

Here is the back cover:

The one thing that still irks me is her picture. Just doesn’t feel right. It’s the same picture that’s on the back cover of her first textbook, and I really would have liked to have something fresh for this book. Something a little more artsy somehow.

Well, after my wonderful birthday lunch by the beach yesterday (we ended up at this cozy little pub that made the best pizza I have ever tasted), Mom and I took the kids to the actual beach and it just so happened that I brought my good camera with me. So I snapped about a hundred pictures. Thank goodness for digital technology eh?

Here are some of my favorites, and a couple taken this afternoon:

I’m hoping that the next print run of the book will feature this one on the the back:

Oh wow,

I really am good at procrastinating aren’t I? Ok, tomorrow the baby quilt, I promise. Really.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. August 25, 2008 4:01 pm

    Hi Sonja,

    The bookcover and new pictures turned out nicely! You are very talented.

    I love your Halloween outfits too – so cute as a family!

  2. sestevam permalink
    September 1, 2008 10:56 pm

    I love the front cover! So simple and beautiful!

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