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Adventures in Floss Washing

August 23, 2008

Um . . . what? Floss what??

Yeah that would be embroidery floss. Ok? You with me now?

Here’s a close up:

Remember that baby quilt? The quilt for the hubby’s boss’ wife? As much as I try to procrastinate, her due date looms ever closer, and time again runs quickly by as we’re headed out of town again as of Tuesday for a whole week to Calgary. ARGH! Must….finish…quilt….

So I bought that new Collector’s Edition pack of 36 varigated DMC Embroidery Floss way back when, and since I’m crazy anal retentive about making sure my fabrics don’t bleed all over the bloody place the second some well meaning relative puts the “wash in cold only handmade baby quilt” through on hot, I figured the only logical next step would be to prewash all 36 skeins of brightly colored floss…by hand…in freaking hot water…since I’m not exposing any baby to some potentially toxic colorfast wash solution…….*sigh*

5 years later, they’re almost all washed and just when I thought all this work was in vain since surprisingly none of them so far bled at all … one DID! No, it wasn’t the black, or the red, or the orange or the blue. No! It was that varigated mustard, that icky poopy looking brown as my daughter sees it. You know, this color:

Lovely isn’t it? I have no idea if I’ll ever use that color, and most likely not on this quilt. But when I do, that sucker isn’t going to leave any poopy colored staining behind. Isn’t that nice?

So I leave you with a nice shot of all 36 plus a couple of extra skeins of freshly washed floss drying on my nice and clean bathroom counter.

Wish me luck on finishing this quilt!

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