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The New York Beauties

July 28, 2008

So I’ve had my eye on these patterns for a good long while now. Ula Lenz is a quilt designer from Germany who has published some fabulous pattern books and has a great collection of free paper pieced patterns on her website. I highly recommend browsing through her site, especially the gallery of quilts and blocks!

I originally had a completely different pattern in mind for the green snail fabric swap pack , but then I had a change of heart and decided to take the plunge into the New York Beauty patterns, with inset curves and all. However, since each corner block is 8″ in the original pattern, I had to shrink them all by 50% in order to make a complete circle within a 12.5″ quilt block. Did I mention that I like challenges?

So far so good if I do say so myself…

new york beauty 1

They all still need a bit of trimming…

new york beauty 2

I had to to some piecing of the snail fabric as unfortunately the adorable snails were muddying up the pieces. I may still applique one of the snails in the very centre of the completed square. This block was especially challenging as the innermost curves were so sharp and the pieces so tiny. I’m hoping I can still find a way to press out the wonkiness.

new york beauty 3

And all together:

tnew york beauties 3 of 4

With any luck I’ll be able to finish up the last corner tonight while the baby fabric is in the dryer.

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