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The brainstorm

July 24, 2008

Okay, let me begin by saying that sewing is my down time, my escape, my mode of relaxation. Even though something may be extra challenging, I still enjoy every minute of it. I love coming up with new ideas to try out, designing quilt layouts and blocks, seeing my vision come together, and I especially love laying out the finished project and admiring my handiwork.

Never before had I experienced downright anxiety over a project. I mean it’s the boss’ wife. This quilt is going to reflect upon my husband, and speak volumes of his class and taste. And I know virtually nothing about her! I met her once, at last year’s Christmas party. She looks about 25, and they are incredibly well off. I do know that they’re expecting a little boy who’s due at the end of August.

My first idea was to re-create Eric Carle’s “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” . Lightly textured white background, with the caterpillar sitting on top of a nice red apple:

The colors are off here, but you get the idea. We were going to wrap the quilt up with the large board book and it was going to be great!

So after hours of choosing exact color matches in fabric, handwashing all the excess dye out of a half dozen different fabrics, drafting the pattern, cutting out the pieces….I laid the caterpillar out on the background and the darn thing looked scary! I thought that I was overreacting and brought Vince (the hubby) in to take a look. He said that it was going to give the kid a heart attack. &$*(#@!

So he thought of going with a Beatrix Potter, Peter Rabbit theme and we bought this fabric online.

The front:

beatrix potter003

beatrix potter005

The backing:

beatrix potter009

It’s very cute, and the front panels really look hand painted. You can actually see the brushstrokes. But I can’t help feeling it’s too much like something her grandma would make for her. I dunno, it needs to be brighter and more contemporary or something.

So after a frantic filled “omg what am I looking for?!?” trip to my beloved Fabricana, I came home with this stack of fabric, including the softest minkie fleece backing!


As the anxiety slipped away, I knew I was on the right track. I’m going with a Nautical theme. Striped panel on the left 3rd, the gorgeous linen textured white on the right 2/3’s, with an appliqued sailboat on the upper right including a little sailor boy holding a fishing rod. At the top of the sails I’m adding the signal flags spelling out their last name. Below the boat will be a myriad of sea life interacting with the bait on the end of the hook. I’m thinking maybe the worm could be reading everyone a story perhaps?

At the bottom of the quilt I’m thinking 2 elasticized flag pockets. I do know that the father is from Australia and I’ve sent Vince on a mission to find out where she’s from. Inside the pockets will be little stuffed toy sea animals, one or two that are indigenous to each country. I think the quilting could be in the shape of an anchor or ships wheel.

I’ll post a concept drawing when I get that down. PHEW!! I tell ya I feel so much better, and Vince is fully on board with this one. Who knew quilting would be such serious business? Sheesh!

On a side note, my stepsister and her kids are here visiting from Korea this month. 2 days ago she took me to this huge Korean grocery store for the first time and when I spied these babies, I just had to snag them! Check it out..


Oh man they’re so much fun! We, (as in Vince) just laid in laminate all over the place and I thought these were perfect for schlupping around the house. Besides, they make me laugh!


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